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Woodworking 103: CNC Routing

Learn how to transform an image (text or picture) into gcode for the CNC router and then cut it out. This class is for current paying Knox Members and their guests only and will have a fee of $24.96. There will be a maximum of 10 spots for this class, and a minimum of 5…

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Woodworking 102: Proper use of the SawStop

Learn how to safely use the Sawstop. Course covers: 1. What materials can be cut without triggering the brake. 2. How to test is something will trigger the brake. 3. Bypassing the brake. 4. How to change the blade and brake to/from the new dado set. 5. How to make a dado cut. 6. Advanced…

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Woodworking 101: Intro to the woodshop

Fred will teach you about safety, basic use and unique features of the power tools in the woodworking area. At the completion of this course, you will be authorized to use the equipment without supervision. This class is for current paying Knox Makers members and has a fee of $9.96. There will be a maximum…

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