imagine robots small enough to fit in a breadbox. Robots that are handmade, remote-controlled, and relatively low-cost. Robots that are designed to kill each other.

At Knox Makers, we've been learning and building together all friendly-like for years. It turns out it's even more fun to scream like lunatics while our beloved machines violently disassemble each other.

In our new robotic combat league, we assembled a series of workshops teaching the fundamentals of robotics: mechanical engineering, electronics, and programming. We built angry little machines while cackling madly. We built a fighting arena that itself tried to destroy any robot foolish enough to trundle inside. And then, on October 14, our robotic proxies beat the brakes off each other.

It's an extended metaphor for the troubled relationship between technology and humanity. We call it KILLSWITCH.

Wanna see?

Here are the details:

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