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Expansion Under Way

Shortly after moving into our new ~3,200 sq. ft. space, we’ve had an opportunity to expand out into another bay and bring our total space up to ~6,900 sq. ft.    The plan for the new space is to move the wood and metal shops into the new bay to keep the loud and dangerous tools away from the classroom.  Also, we’ll be adding a few types of rental spaces to the new space.

The existing bay will see an expansion of the classroom and general purpose workspace.  Electronics will relocate, 3D printing and laser cutting will get a bit more space, and we’ll be adding dedicated areas for leather working, sewing, and vacuum forming.  The infrastructure for all of that doesn’t currently exist, and we’ll be spending some time and effort building out.  See below for a tentative layout.


We don’t have all of the equipment shown in the layout, but the goal is to make a plan that can accommodate expansions in our tools/capabilities in the future.  We’ve begun the process of making the changes to the space to make this layout a reality.  Stay tuned to this space for more updates on our progress.

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