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The [KM Q&A!] series was a brief amateur adventure where we explored a variety of topics with guests spanning a range of expertise.

Below is a list of past KM Q&A! sessions:

1. 9/26/2012 - Interview with Josh Wattles. Features information for 3D printer innovators concerning ownership laws.

2. 10/21/2012 - Interview with LEMUR. Features information for those interested in musical innovation and the future of music.

3. 10/30/2012 - Interview with RepRap's Adrian Bowyer. Features information and talking points for those interested in 3D printer innovation and the future of fabrication.

4. 11/26/2012 - Interview with the Stained Glass Association of America. Features information related to professional and DIY stained glass art as well as architectural stained glass, the future of stained glass, and innovations in stained glass.

5. 12/31/2012 - NYE: A New Year in Education?. Features a small panel of experts and highlights important considerations related to the future of education. With Professor Paul Kim, Professor Tony Valley, and James Breaux.

6. 01/02/2013 - Part II of "A New Year in Education?". Professor Susan Benner from University of Tennessee joins us with her answers to the questions we posed in Part I of this special feature on the future and current state of education.

7. 03/06/2013 - Interview with Randy Boyd. East TN entrepreneur, philanthropist and special adviser for higher education in Tennessee answers a brief interview where he shares his thoughts on long-term education goals in Tennessee, thoughts on successful entrepreneurship, and thoughts on how to encourage innovation in employees.