What do you need to feel comfortable publishing content on the Knox Makers sites? (e.g. Drupal Mainpage, Wiki, Forum)



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Monty Python lured me into voting the way I did, but more importantly I am a mix of some of the rest. Some items I am comfortable about creating and editing, some I am less comfortable with. If someone else created a page I am generally not as comfortable editing that page, even though the entire KM atmosphere is friendly and open. I think we could benefit from a streamlined process for populating wiki pages, even if its just a simple text template with the basic commands one would consider for a new wiki entry. It is not my intent to stifle creativity, but I do think some element of how we create wiki pages should be generally uniform so that readers and potential content creators/editors are not confused.
Here are two great examples of awesome pages that use different format:
1. https://knoxmakers.org/wiki/Main_Page (Main page, which in many wiki installations often do appear different than other pages, but this is not the only KM wiki entry using this style, i.e., no content box)
2. https://knoxmakers.org/wiki/Earn_A_Computer (The biggest difference here is the usage of the content box)

It sounds like someone is

It sounds like someone is volunteering to make a style guide for us.  Or at least some article templates.  I think there is a trigger for the TOC.  Once the article has a sufficent number of sections, the TOC appears.  So that part of the template is taken care of already.  I believe the number of sections that sets off the trigger can be modified.  Also, the TOC can be surpressed, as it is on the main page.  That's really just about the main page being different, though.


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Sure, I can help if article templates would be useful. There's a variety of editors with different options than the one we currently use, too. Here's some pages:
I'll try to make a simple form that will return the preferred template for entry page types that may be anticipated to be used a lot such as project pages. Maybe once we have a "how to use the website" class and get more results in on this poll a good template concept will surface.


I do think a style guide or template would be very helpful.
It's not exactly about convenience. I have put a little bit of effort in to learning the system, and that little effort at least got me to the point where I feel comfortable adding content. I just actually don't like doing that very much, and so I don't prioritize it!

Option 1A and can't-log-ins

Perhaps other options include:
"Nothing. I know how all the systems work, and I would make changes with impunity, but I'm too busy / not interested in posting."
"I can't even log in as I forgot / never had / never used my credentials, so good luck getting me to post anything."


We have 7 members who have logged in to drupal in the past month.  Maybe we need to bake in a bit more functionality to get people to use our homepage more.  Or at least interact with it more.  We may be getting a fair amount of traffic   Actually, taking a peak behind the cpanel curtain, it seems that the wiki gets a fair bit of traffic, followed by the forums, the homepage itself is pretty far down the list for the month of November.