Attack of the Relational Databases! (P) - Tue 5/14 6:30 PM

DESCRIPTION: Starting from the ground up, this workshop will introduce relational database design and implementation concepts gently (yet firmly), mixing theory with practical examples. Content will build to a level of sophistication sufficient to teach moderately-experienced database administrators a thing or two while remaining pH balanced for the initiate. Topics will include:
* basic database concepts
* database software options
* designing and creating simple databases
* database normalization
* querying, inserting, and updating data
* views and stored procedures
* advanced database design techniques
* classic monster movies

BIO: Issac has been studying, using, and designing databases for over a decade. His age and experience allow - nay, require - him to chase new jack hipster NoSQL database kiddies off his lawn.


Issac gave a fantastic presentation

Issac gave a fantastic presentation and with his usual skill and humor provided an entertaining evening, an excellent intro into basic database concepts and a lot of "Oh, that's why I have to do that" moments.