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Join Knox Makers™

We're excited you're interested in joining Knox Makers!

If you have any questions about membership that aren't addressed here, please email and we'll be glad to help you.

Steps to membership:

  1. Submit membership application form, including a photo.
  2. Sign liability waiver the first instance you are at the Knox Makers space
  3. Read and understand the Knox Makers™ Bylaws and Knox Makers™ Membership Rules
  4. Submit dues for your first month of membership.
    • Dues are $50 per month
    • $20 for students and seniors.
    • We have a $25 sponsorship rate if one person is paying for a second person (so a total of $75).

After this you will have a 30 day Trial Membership.

During this time you have all the same rights and regulations as a full member, except you are not allowed access to the shop alone until your trial has ended.  You should take this time to get to know the other members, participate in any virtual events we have, join our chat server - basically make sure we know who you are, and get to know us.
If, at the end of 30 days, you're still interested in membership, we will connect with you to get you full access to the building.


  • What are your hours?
    • Knox Makers does not have hours or staff. During non-Covid-times, we have a public open house every Tuesday evening, but for now that has been replaced by virtual meet-ups.
  • Can I get a tour of the facility?
    • If you are interested in membership but you have not been to the space yet, contact us and we can set something up.
  • Can I start using all the tools right away?
    • Some of our areas (the more dangerous ones) have authorization classes attached to them. We are concerned for both your safety and the longevity of our tools, so we make sure everyone has the same information on our policies right from the get go. During Covid-times we are trying our best to get people authed as smoothly as possible, but it mostly involves contacting the head of the area (we call them czars and czarrinas) and requesting a class.
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