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126 votes

3D Printing

Hobby-level 3D printing generally… all aspects of it.

125 votes

Wood CNC Routing

How do you design parts to be CNC routed? How do you use a CNC router?

59 votes

Sourcing Electronic Components

Where’s the best place to buy different kinds of electronics parts these days?

42 votes

AI / Machine Learning Basics

How can I get started experimenting with AI and machine learning?

41 votes

PCB Fabrication

How do you make printed circuit boards at home? What are the pros and cons of the various techniques?

40 votes

Computer / Network Security

What does the average user need to know to maintain reasonable security on their computer and home network?

40 votes

GNU/Linux and Open Source

I’d like to learn more about Linux and open source software in general.

38 votes

Open Arduino Hack Night

We could host an evening where folks bring in whatever Arduino projects they’re working on, both to show them off and to seek help and ideas from others.

38 votes

GCode Basics

I’d like to start learning GCode for controlling lasercutters, CNC machines, and 3D printers.

35 votes

Homebrew R/C Vehicles

How would one go about designing and building one’s own R/C vehicles?

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